Arm your Cybersecurity systems with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats and cases are increasing manifold. A study by the University of Maryland showed that a hacker attacks every 39 seconds. Imagine the number of attacks you might face in a year. The reason why these threats are increasing at an alarming rate is the inability of the traditional systems to handle large volumes of data. We have created vast volumes of data, but we do not have proper systems to keep it safe. Secondly, traditional systems cannot adapt to the rate at which businesses are scaling. Modern businesses have numerous touchpoints, connections, billions of records, and transactions.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence helps us to stay ahead of the threats. Artificial Intelligence can consume data at an unimaginable rate. It can absorb data from both structured and unstructured sources. Thus, it enables it to understand the patterns and nature of attacks. Further, it analyses each threat and tries to find patterns in the attacks. It helps systems to reduce response time and identify potential threats. No doubt, AI is the need of the hour. 

From the simple biometric logins to sophisticated multi-level authentication, AI can handle it all. AI continuously adapts itself. With the help of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, AI can detect threats even before the wink of an eye. 

Let us understand how AI will help in enhancing cybersecurity

  • AI can accelerate detection and response time. While human security might take ages to detect and respond, AI can do it in minimal time and give the most optimal solution to counter the threat. As cyber terrorists are evolving, we need complex AI systems to understand their patterns and detect threats before they pose a danger.
  • AI can handle vast volumes of data efficiently. What human systems would take months and years can be done in milliseconds using AI. 
  • Each day, cybersecurity systems across the world receive millions of malware codes. For existing systems to identify threats amongst these millions of malwares would be like searching for the needle in the haystack. But AI can do it with 99.99% accuracy. It can detect the potential threat amidst the tsunami of malware attacks.
  • Even hackers are using AI to study cybersecurity systems. To stay ahead of them, we not only need to implement AI in full scale but also keep updating these AI systems to stay ahead of the attackers.

A significant challenge in the implementation of AI is the lack of AI scientists. You may have the latest tool kit, but without a mechanic, it would not help you repair the car. We need many people who are well -versed with AI systems. Further, we need a lot of physical resources to implement AI, to store these huge volumes of data, to connect people across the world, to implement the latest security systems. Nevertheless, we all have to accept that AI is the need of the hour. AI will help in processing large volumes of data, take better decisions, anticipate threats before an attacker attacks and drastically reduce response time.

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