Why is Cybersecurity important in 2019?

Why is Cybersecurity important in 2019?

Why we need cybersecurity in 2019, Why is it important in Africa? But first, let’s give a brief definition of what cybersecurity is?

Why is Cybersecurity important in 2019?

What is Cybersecurity?

Techniques and practices designed to protect data 
• Applies to digital data
• Stored, transmitted, in use, etc.

Why Cybersecurity is important in 2019?

Cybersecurity is a major issue that concerns all businesses, regardless of size and all employees, regardless of their position. As was the case for well-being at work and safety rules (fire …), the arrival of the General Regulations on Data Protection (GDPR) in May 2018, invites leaders to grant more importance to cybersecurity to protect their data.

In the era of all connected (machine tools, printers, surveillance cameras, refrigerators, etc.), we could argue that cybersecurity, security, and safety are one. According to Bruce Schneier, a computer security guru, « We also need to reverse the trend to connect everything to the internet. And if we risk, harm and even death, we need to think twice about what we connect and what we deliberately leave uncomputerized. »

Cybersecurity in Africa

In 2016, South Africa, the third country, was hit by cybercrime. Costs related to cyber attacks amount to $ 573 million, the most active players, government institutions ($ 187 million in losses), telecommunications ($ 225 million) and financial institutions ($ 19 million).

As businesses intensify their digital transformation, with the adoption of data management and storage tools and infrastructures, they become the target of cybercriminals.

AfricaSec 2019

AfricaSec 2019

The 10th edition of the international conference “Marrakech security forum / AfricaSec 2019” was held on February 8th and 9th in Marrakech under the theme “Building for Africa its security of the future”,

The participants of the 10th edition of the Africa Security Forum (AfricaSec 2019), called for the establishment of a Pan-African Observatory on CyberSecurity.

The participants in this conference also called for state harmonization of laws and public policies in favor of African cybersecurity at the speed of connectivity of the continent, and the involvement of countries in approving new ones. Community regulations, through laws that live up to the danger posed by the digital threat.

They also stressed the need for the commitment of African states for the creation of the African Cyber ​​Security Institute to address the digital vulnerability and for shared and peaceful African cyberspace, the protection of personal data. citizens through National Commissions for Personal Data, as well as the establishment of national systems of assistance to the victims of cybercrime.

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